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Women Writers... "... not just a quota... common sense.."

Yet another salvo in the absolutely ridiculous and archaic “women aren’t funny” thing…. … but to a larger extent it’s about the idea of quotas in the world of writers and comedy. The source is pretty inpeachable, Dan Harmon (showrunner of NBC’s Community, writer for The Sarah Silverman Show, and much more.)  For the full... Read more »

Famous People Doing Funny Things

The third Chicago-based Just for Laughs Festival comes roaring into town June 14th! The Festival began in 1983 all the way up in Montreal, but in 2009 a Chicago Festival was added and with the added financial and broadcast capabilities of the TBS network it has grown very fast. What I personally like about the... Read more »

Happy Birthday, Tina Fey

Elizabeth Stamatina Fey was born 41 years ago this day!  She was hired for the Second City Touring Company while still in classes at Second City. She started dating Jeff Richmond then, who is now her husband, father to her two children and executive producer of 30 Rock. So, uh, get on that, you slacker.... Read more »

Before the Bridesmaid, She was 'The Quack'

Before the Bridesmaid, She was 'The Quack'
To be honest, I’m not that big a fan of Kristen Wiig on SNL. I mean, she’s obviously super-talented, but I feel like they found her and then burned her out as soon as possible. I mean, she’s retired more characters than some people have ever had on SNL.  I was, however, a big fan... Read more »

2 1/2 Laughs

The Gameshow Network has a new show called “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza.” It’s basically a short-form show taped in front of a live audience in Las Vegas. Even though it’s an improv show on TV (okay, basic cable) and is certainly worth a mention, I really haven’t been driven to do so. It’s a weak, dumb... Read more »

Things To Expect From the Charlie Sheen Stage Show

except for a big sign that reads, "Suckers!"
The Charlie Sheen stage show arrives here in Chicago this very weekend! No one knows what to expect from the “Winning!” celeb, but here are some educated guesses:

Rebecca Black is Worse than Hitler. Maybe.

Rebecca Black, a 13 year old girl, is, with tip of the pointy helmet to Mr. Godwin, worse than Hitler. Both, of course are products of their time and culture. Both rose to power remarkably fast mostly due to friends telling each other (“You got to hear this!” or “You haff to hear zis guy!”) to... Read more »

No More Victims. Let There Be Heroes.

After the devastating and almost incomprehensible attacks of 9/11, Hollywood let us down.  They cowered and let us become victims instead of heroes. With movies such as the “War of the Worlds” remake, the “Day After Tomorrow”, “Babel”, “I Am Legend”, “The Mist” and even the resurgence of the zombie movie, the common thread is... Read more »

The Worst Romantic Moments Ever.

The Worst Romantic Moments Ever.
Oh, Hollywood, you keep pushing that RomCom genre and you have absolutely know idea what you’re doing. You keep shoving more Kate Hudson down our throats and ain’t no one buying it. But beyond her, here are 10 of the most UN-romantic movies ever.

Best Lists of 2010 Lists!

I was writing a “Best Of” list for 2010, but then I realized I could never compete with some of the great lists already out there. Here are some of the Best Lists of 2010! One of my favorite websites has created their own poll and lists of FAILs! FAILBlog has compiled some of the... Read more »