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Happy Birthday, Tina Fey

Elizabeth Stamatina Fey was born 41 years ago this day!  She was hired for the Second City Touring Company while still in classes at Second City. She started dating Jeff Richmond then, who is now her husband, father to her two children and executive producer of 30 Rock. So, uh, get on that, you slacker.... Read more »

Comedy is Top Heavy

This past weekend we were graced by the presence of Maya Rudolph and Darrell Hammond on SNL. And is that a good thing or a bad thing? While it’s great that those people come back to reprise their characters and use their prodigious talents again (and maybe, just maybe surreptitiously plug their upcoming movie), couldn’t those parts... Read more »

Tina Fey: Ever the Twain Shall Meet

America’s sweetheart, Tina Fey, is a comedy legend. What, too soon? Well, not now. Yesterday, (November 9, 2010) Tina was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for Humor at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. (there’s a sentence that names 4 great Americans.) That picture over there <—– is Tina and her husband Jeff Richmond. I... Read more »

Chicago Improv Dominates SNL (so far.)

Vanessa Bayer and Paul Brittain just moved to New York to join SNL as featured players.  While the season premiere did have some nice turns by Vanessa and Paul had a few lines, this weekend had them both in the very first scene (well, by my math… there’s the Cold Start, the Monologue, the taped... Read more »

SNL Hires MORE Chicagoans!

Some leave and some get hired…   With the recent hires of Shelly Gossman and Thomas Flanigan, SNL seemed to be on a Chicago hiring spree! And then with yesterday’s announcement that long-tenured SNL performer Will Forte was leaving, the big question was what does that mean for the Chicagoans who recently met with Lorne... Read more »

SNL Hires (another!) Chicagoan!

During their last trip to our sunny shores, Saturday Night Live hired Second City Mainstage cast member Shelly Gossman as a writer. And now they’ve tapped someone else to join her!     (haha! That is the worst photo of Tom!) Thomas Flanigan, of the Second City etc stage has been hired as writer for... Read more »

The Other Guys talk about Improv and Chicago

Adam McKay, director of The Other Guys, talks about improv and his time in Chicago.  When he was here in Chicago, Adam was a co-founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade and helped created the pivotal Second City show, Pinata Full of Bees. He was also a member of the trendsetting improv group, The Family, at... Read more »

Waiting for Gossman

Turns out SNL was waiting for Gossman… Shelly Gossman. Shelly (in the mask) with Pat O’Brien. They were on the Second City Mainstage together and now both will be writers on SNL together! It was rumored and then officially announced pretty fast this past weekend… after the “Get Famous” weekend of 2010, Shelly Gossman of... Read more »

Get Famous Friday 2010: Lorne Michaels Vets Chicago

Just about once a year, Saturday Night Live comes to see what players or writers Chicago has to offer and this week was the week! This year he had Chicago Improv vets Seth Meyers and recent hire Pat O’Brien in tow. I wouldn’t regularly write it up as it’s an annual event, but this year... Read more »

Smart Girls are the Best

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Spiderman learned that in his very first adventure! It’s a cliche of the superhero genre but it’s amazing when someone does it in real life and it’s even better when it’s someone you know and admire.  Amy Poehler, a famed veteran of the Chicago improv scene and Saturday Night... Read more »