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No More Victims. Let There Be Heroes.

After the devastating and almost incomprehensible attacks of 9/11, Hollywood let us down.  They cowered and let us become victims instead of heroes. With movies such as the “War of the Worlds” remake, the “Day After Tomorrow”, “Babel”, “I Am Legend”, “The Mist” and even the resurgence of the zombie movie, the common thread is... Read more »

Oscar ShouldaBeens!

Charles Durning was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (he lost to Jack Nicholson) for this movie. And I just like it. It was a tough year to be nominated for anything, really... 1983 saw the premiere of Return of the Jedi, Trading Places, Flashdance, Wargames, and the Best Picture winner, "Terms of Endearment."
Every year, the Academy nominates some great (and some not so great) films for Best Picture. Sadly, only one can win. Here are some classic, wonderful movies that did not win an Oscar for Best Picture!

The Worst Romantic Moments Ever.

The Worst Romantic Moments Ever.
Oh, Hollywood, you keep pushing that RomCom genre and you have absolutely know idea what you’re doing. You keep shoving more Kate Hudson down our throats and ain’t no one buying it. But beyond her, here are 10 of the most UN-romantic movies ever.

Best Lists of 2010 Lists!

I was writing a “Best Of” list for 2010, but then I realized I could never compete with some of the great lists already out there. Here are some of the Best Lists of 2010! One of my favorite websites has created their own poll and lists of FAILs! FAILBlog has compiled some of the... Read more »

Halloween Belongs to the Improvisers

I think just about every improviser I know loves Halloween. That’s probably why so many of them find great employment during this time of the year. Tina Jackson, a friend of mine, works for The Fear, the haunted house attraction at Navy Pier. She even appeared on FOX TV during a report on the event.... Read more »

Why JACKASS is Great.

This weekend (October 15th), Jackass 3D premieres and there’s a reason why it’s one of the most profitable movie franchises ever. With Hollywood obsessed with CGI action scenes, obvious stunt and body doubles, spectacle-laden events, preposterous plots and pretentious stars, Jackass just may be the most honest movie ever. With Johnny Knoxville, Steve O, Bam... Read more »

The Other Guys talk about Improv and Chicago

Adam McKay, director of The Other Guys, talks about improv and his time in Chicago.  When he was here in Chicago, Adam was a co-founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade and helped created the pivotal Second City show, Pinata Full of Bees. He was also a member of the trendsetting improv group, The Family, at... Read more »

Yes, And... Do Me Harder. Sex & Improv.

Do improvisers make better lovers? A recent article in Psychology Today says.. Yes, yes… oh, God, yes!!! The skills of on-the-fly co-operation, instant “Yes, And..” (agreement and building on each move) and powerful creativity makes one a great and generous lover according to THIS ARTICLE by Susan Kuchinskas.  And a great improvised show has been... Read more »

Earth vs. Oil - Round 3?

This evil cat bedeviled the incredible Mighty Mouse in the 50s. Oil...!
As events keep unfolding I keep thinking of British Petroleum as a James Bond evil corporation gone wrong. I keep expecting to see footage of brave UN forces fighting jumpsuit-clad minions with a secret skull-shaped, oil-drilling island. The BP Oil Disaster is nothing new… in fact, in movies and television we’ve fought oil-based monsters for... Read more »

The F.U. Kid

On June 11th, The Karate Kid remake, starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, will open in theaters and that’s dumb.   Of course, the Hollywood mentality of remake after remake is annoying but this one is especially so. They hire Jackie Chan and set the movie in China. Fine. Karate, however, is a Japanese martial... Read more »