Fame Costs...

“You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here’s where you start paying… in Sweat!” – Debbie Allen


The newly revamped Chicago Tribune published a great article on what (if anything) an improviser (or comedian) can expect to make in Chicago. Check it out here. A nice companion piece is one of the first blogs I wrote for this site on how much time you spend doing what we do. It has the incredibly witty title of “Schedulenomics.”

What’s going on with me?
Oh, so glad you asked. 
After a hellacious move (I haven’t changed apartments in six years, but I’ve already moved twice in 2011) I had a very fun reunion show with Close Quarters at the Just for Laughs Festival. We had rehearsal to “brush off the dust” since we hadn’t performed in a few months and that went well. Then a show at CIC for more dust shaking… that show went… well, let’s just say that we scheduled another rehearsal after that. Annnd, that rehearsal never happened, but the show we did on June 15th turned out to be really fun. It was weird to do a show that’s exactly half as long as our regular slot, but we managed to cram it all in. 
FourSquare was great fun and they didn’t seem like they were stiff at all having spent a great deal of time on different coasts.
I couldn’t help but notice that all four of the FourSquares are married now and three of them have children. They’re doing well and seemed very happy. Scott Adsit looks amazing and improvised like the legend he is. He actually looks better than he did ten years ago here in Chicago. 
Whereas I’m still here. Doing the same stuff… putting together shows, improvising, teaching. I’m not married. I almost date sometimes. I wander from gig to gig. Don’t get me wrong; I freaking love my life and what I do for a living. I may even be traveling to the Pacific Rim (again) very soon for a job and I probably couldn’t do that if I had kids or if Groupon didn’t think I was funny enough to work for them. So, there’s that. But sometimes… that creeping, niggling doubt says, “Hey Buddy. Whatcha doing there? Maybe we should grow up and out of this improv stuff.” And I don’t know what to say him sometimes… sometimes I agree. 
I guess the cost of creating shows that say what I want them to say without restriction save the bond between me and the audience is the unsteadiness, the drifting, the not-knowing. Maybe. Maybe not. Fame costs. and sometimes so does Obscurity. 
hahah! I just re-read all that. Man, don’t blog when you’re groggy. Will I erase it? I probably should, but I won’t. It’s there. It’s out there now. 
Lately, this has been speaking to me. Sutton Foster is a dream and so greatly talented and I just “discovered” her this week… here she is with Elmo.. (watch her face.. her voice and mannerisms are reminiscent of Madeline Kahn.)

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