Famous People Doing Funny Things

The third Chicago-based Just for Laughs Festival comes roaring into town June 14th!


The Festival began in 1983 all the way up in Montreal, but in 2009 a Chicago Festival was added and with the added financial and broadcast capabilities of the TBS network it has grown very fast. What I personally like about the Just for Laughs Festival is the variety of shows and venues it employs. This year, for example, will see short films, long-form improv and (of course) lots of stand-up in places like the Gene Siskel Film Center, The Chicago Theater, The Beat Kitchen (and the usual suspects like the Playground and iO Theater.)

In full disclosure, I am performing a reunion show with the long-form show, Close Quarters. We’re opening for one of my all-time favorite shows, Four Square. They started here in Chicago and most of they all live on different coasts now. Once in a while, two or three will reconvene and do a version of the show, but it’s in here in Chicago that gets the original! It’s an amazing long-form show and I’m excited to see it again.
Two of my favorite improvisers (and people, actually) are doing a two-man show as well. Scott Adsit and John Lutz will be performing Adsit & Lutz for the Festival as well. They’re both on 30 Rock now, but who knows what their improvised show will be, except that it’ll be great. 
iO alum Kristen Schaal will be one of Demetri Martin’s friends at the Chicago Theater and Seth Meyers will be headlining at the Vic Theater. 
I’m excited to see these shows!


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