Sha-la-laaaaa No More!

The Emmys have dropped the Theme Song Category!


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced yesterday that the music category of “Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music” will be dropped and replaced with “Outstanding Music Composition for a Non-fiction Program.” Citing less and less entries in the field, there will be no “Best Theme Song” next year.
Boo, says I!
I love tv theme songs. Last year the winner was PBS’ Great Performances:

Which makes sense, since John (“Yeah, I Did That One Too”) Williams wrote it. Great TV themes endure far beyond the actual show. “The Brady Bunch” theme song is probably the greatest sitcom theme for three reasons: 1- it completely explains the show, 2- it’s sung by the cast, 3- it’s astoundingly catchy.

Another television great is the theme from “The Twilight Zone,” which still resonates and connotes an atmosphere of eeriness and mystery. It might have been supplanted by the theme from Lost, but… how does that go again?

For a perfect 80s theme song, and one of the best Chicago-related songs, here’s “Perfect Strangers”:

Still, as a viewing audience has more and more control of what they see (another show is just a click or FF away) network executives are desperate to keep people glued to their channel. Most incorporate the opening credits into the actual show rather than give people a chance to glance away.
From this past TV season, “Modern Family” is probably the best new show and its theme is only 12 seconds!

So, goodbye theme songs. We’ll probably only see/hear you on DVDs from now on. For however long those exist…
Here’s one of my all-time favorite theme songs. For sheer insanity and what-the-hell-am-I-watching… it’s “The Lost Saucer”:


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  • "Big Bang Theory". (Although it was technically last year.)

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