Noble Obama Wins Nobel Prize

President Obama has become the third sitting American President to win the Nobel Peace Prize (President Theodore Roosevelt won the same award in 1906 and President Woodrow Wilson won it in 1919.)

Of course, “President Jed Bartlett” won the Nobel Prize for Economics. For your Friday fun-ness, here’s a video making the rounds of the internet this week… be careful when you give your friends carte blanche in making your wedding video! Also, congratulations to Jim & Pam

Best Wedding Slideshow Ever from Olde English Comedy on Vimeo.


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  • is that a light saber in his hands!

  • In reply to theforceamongus:

    Yeah. I love that photo.

  • In reply to theforceamongus:

    Dennis ,

    Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed ANOTHER of your perceptive (and perspicacious) columns.
    Would that we had leaders who were leaders and not followers. That is the same as wishing that we had leaders who voted for the best interests of the country, rather than the narrow interests of some well-connected few.
    John McAuley
    Class of '59

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