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The Meaning of Life is Everything

Everything we do has meaning. To the highest degree it has meaning to ourselves as individuals. To a lesser degree, meaning to our position within our family and social circles, and society. We are each individual cells in the great organism we’ve classified as the human species.

Jesus Christ – Dumbest story ever told

Billions of children are being told of a tale. This fable is being sold as wondrous, virtuous, noble, and divine. A God who sacrificed his only begotten son in order to forgive us for our sins. The children will continue to believe that this is the greatest story ever told, unless they start thinking about... Read more »

The great MAGA kid vs Native American con job

“Where everyone despises a person, you must look into the matter carefully; when everyone celebrates a person, you must also look into it carefully.” – Confucius I have never seen an incident so distorted, so lied about than what happened recently in Washington. I’m absolutely disgusted and embarrassed for the people so eager to hate... Read more »

Bible vs US Constitution

Is the United States a Judeo-Christian nation that was built on Judeo-Christian values? What happens when we compare the US Constitution with the Bible? According to George Washington, there were many sources of inspiration that established our government. Let’s examine some of those influences. The ancient Greeks – The first democracy was formed in Athens... Read more »

Chess strategy to improve your life

A popular strategy in chess is this. When you find a good move, find an even better one. A good move doesn’t mean the best move. What are all your options? What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of each? In the journey of life, our quality of life is directly impacted by the... Read more »

Secularism vs In God We Trust

The Greatest Generation, the soldiers in World War 2 that pushed the Nazis out of Africa and Europe, the women who took over the factory work and production, were the greatest of patriots. They, and every generation before them, didn’t need a national motto of “In God We Trust.” They didn’t need god on dollars,... Read more »

Fox News War on Christmas Fatalities 2018

Citizens of the United States who are not Christian can and should still celebrate Christmas as a national holiday and American tradition. No one should be offended over the term Merry Christmas. At the same time, no one should be strong-armed into saying it if they don’t want to. Over the past decades the United... Read more »

Woman convicted for insulting Islam in Austria

A woman was convicted and forced to pay a heavy fine for stating the historical fact that the Islamic prophet Muhammad was a pedophile. This is not surprising. This is what happens when you live in an Islamic theocracy such as Saudi Arabia or Iran. Obviously, this conviction was made based on Sharia Law by... Read more »

Donald Trump’s faith-based initiative scam

I strongly believe in a secular society which means no persecution or special privileges based on religious belief. I believe in one law of the land where everyone is treated equally. Individual rights and liberties are held higher than any religious law, or any kind of group identity. If someone is arrested for breaking the... Read more »

I told people at work I'm an atheist

At lunch I decided to tell my coworkers that I was an atheist. I’d been working with them for a while and we’d become good friends. “There’s something I wanted to share about myself with y’all, I’m an atheist.” “Ya, we know. You already told us.” “I did?” “Ya, you got anything else?” “No, that’s... Read more »