Jesus Christ – Dumbest story ever told

Billions of children are being told of a tale. This fable is being sold as wondrous, virtuous, noble, and divine. A God who sacrificed his only begotten son in order to forgive us for our sins. The children will continue to believe that this is the greatest story ever told, unless they start thinking about it. With a lot of thought, this story falls apart quickly.

It’s no wonder that belief and blind faith are considered great virtues in religion. Don’t think, just believe. This is required for religions to survive.

A man doesn’t plant a seed into a woman. A blood line isn’t men begetting men. A daughter carries on the blood line just as much as the son. For ancient men, an only son was the most precious thing in the world. For an all-powerful god, that notion is absurd.

If we are all God’s children, then God has billions of sons. So, Jesus was supposed to be God’s only “special” son. A man who can perform miracles. But an all-powerful God would be able to have as many special sons as it wanted. That’s what all-powerful means. And an immortal god wouldn’t have the same worries of men thousands of years ago.

A God wouldn’t be worried about dying and not having its’ bloodline or name continue. That concern makes sense for ancient men who were ignorant of human reproduction. Why would a God carry the same limitations, worries, and ignorance of those men? The answer is obvious. The Bible is ancient men making a god in their image. That’s the only perspective that makes sense.

The leadership of the church decided that Jesus and God were the same guy. Why? Because they needed to keep the religion monotheistic in order to separate from the polytheistic pagans. God grew a second head named Jesus that he sent to Earth in human form to be sacrificed to himself in order to save us from himself.

The forgiveness this human sacrifice is supposed to provide winds up being a sham. Rape, torture, and murder are all forgivable under the New Testaments’ great perversion of justice. But people who are born of a different religion must be burned forever without any chance of redemption or mercy.

The worst human being in the world can get into heaven for believing. The best human being in the world is condemned to hell for not. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did it make a noise? If a god sacrifices his only son but someone never heard the tale, are their sins forgiven? According to the Bible no, meaning that most of the human population on Earth receives no forgiveness for the unforgivable sin of logistics.

And what of the sacrifice? If you ask Christians who they pray to, they’ll answer Jesus. But how is that possible? Jesus doesn’t exist, he was sacrificed. Oh no, he’s in heaven and has been there for the past 2,000 year and will always be there. He was crucified, resurrected three days later, and then ascended into heaven. The sacrifice is an even bigger sham than the forgiveness.

An all-powerful immortal being having an only son makes no sense. This god and the only son that makes no sense being the same god makes no sense. The forgiveness is a sham, and the sacrifice is an even greater sham than the forgiveness. This is the dumbest story ever told.

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