The great MAGA kid vs Native American con job

“Where everyone despises a person, you must look into the matter carefully; when everyone celebrates a person, you must also look into it carefully.” – Confucius

I have never seen an incident so distorted, so lied about than what happened recently in Washington. I’m absolutely disgusted and embarrassed for the people so eager to hate and destroy the young man who they know nothing about over a 30-second video clip and hearsay.

CNN has the resources to investigate stories. I have to believe that they knew the truth but choose to intentionally lie. Nathan Phillips is not a victim. He’s either delusional or a flat-out liar.

Cult of Dusty- Why The Story About The MAGAhat Kids Is Bullshit.

Sinatra_Says – The Truth About Covington Catholic Students MAGA Kids And The Protesters.
The Truth About Covington Catholic Students MAGA Kids And The Protesters. the truth around the maga kids, the protest, and the native american man. This all happened at the march for life.

CNN – Native American mocked by ‘MAGA’ hat-wearing teens speaks out
Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder with the Omaha tribe and Vietnam War veteran, shares how he felt after he was mocked by a crowd of teenagers wearing “Make America Great Again” hats during the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington.

MSNBC – Nathan Phillips, Native American Man Harassed By High Schoolers, Tells His Story
Covington Catholic High School students wearing MAGA hats surrounded and taunted a Native American man as he performed the “American Indian Movement” song about strength and courage. The man, Nathan Phillips, shares his story.

Daily News – Trump #MagaTeen turns on native American Veteran Is wall talk encouraging #TooMuchh8te

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