Atheists attack atheists in Milwaukee


Anyone against free speech is shameful. For an atheist, even more so. Individual rights and liberty are held in high regard in this country. Not so in others. There are countries where you can’t criticize the government, or change religious beliefs, or criticize religious beliefs. In fact, people have been imprisoned, beaten, and butchered for doing such.

An organization in Milwaukee brought a voice to the non-religious community in Wisconsin to help people of a minority belief be less isolated. For years, they’ve been hosting interviews and conferences with many outspoken authors and YouTube personalities. They’ve worked very hard to organize the upcoming event MYTHINFORMATION CONFERENCE IV at the end of September.

But recently, they’ve been under attack by people trying to shut down the event. Who’s doing this? Christian and Muslim extremists? No, a few YouTube atheists that don’t like one of the speakers. Because they don’t like one of the speakers, who will actually be there to debate someone with opposing views, they want to shut everything down. Never mind all the other speakers that will be there and the people who plan on attending. How pathetic is that?

It gets even worse. One of these people, Steve Shives, was a past guest of the organization. Shives is one of the people Mythicist Milwaukee helped promote. They gave him a platform, and in return, he stabs them in the back. Apparently it’s OK to give him an opportunity to speak, but not somebody he doesn’t like.


Shives made a name for himself by reading the Bible on YouTube. Did anyone shut him down? But despite all the opportunity he’s been given in this country, despite all the benefits he’s received because of free speech, he wants to shut down that freedom for others.

Another traitor to the atheist movement is some guy named Dan Arel who thinks it’s OK to punch Nazis. Anyone advocating violence doesn’t understand that we are a nation of laws. They are being irresponsible in promoting actions that can harm people’s lives forever. Try finding a job with an assault and battery conviction. And apparently these people cry Nazi whenever somebody disagrees with them.

It’s easy to get angry at these people that have caused so much confusion and division in the atheist community. It’s easy to think of all kinds of nasty names to call these people. It’s easy to hate them. I don’t want to do that. I hope that they will see the error of their ways and apologize. I believe in redemption.

What’s ironic is that Mythicist Milwaukee (MM) will probably benefit from this attack. The smear campaign against this event is based on fabrications, heavy on accusations, absence of evidence. People will research the accusations, find out the truth, and support MM.

No one will benefit from self-righteous and spineless censorship. We need respectful and open debate. Mythicist Milwaukee is doing their part, and they deserve to be supported. I know from being a speaker at the first conference, and talking to these folks over the years, they’re a class act.

-James Kirk Wall

Information about Mythicist Milwaukee can be found at

Here’s a few YouTube replies to the controversy.
Armoured Skeptic

Godless Engineer

Sargon of Akkad

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