Penn Jillette’s big FU to Ecuador’s Got Talent judges in 2016 Reason Rally


Carolina Pena was a contestant on Ecuador’s Got Talent. She was attacked for being an atheist. That didn’t sit well with Penn Jillette who used the 2016 Reason Rally to send a big FU to those bigoted judges.

Since the incident where Carolina was ambushed on the talent show, one of the judges has been fired. A spokesman for the TV channel Ecuavisa said: “Due to the position taken by actress Maria Fernanda Rios during various interactions on the show, which are not in line with those of the channel, she will no longer have screen presence and her contract will be terminated at the end of the series.”

One of the best moments of Reason Rally 2016, Penn Jillette and Carolina Pena singing “No Martyrs, No Saints” as a tribute to Christopher Hitchens.

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