Without Charles Darwin there’d still be Evolution


Darwinian evolution or Darwin’s theory of evolution is language often used by creationists. This is meant to try and undermine the science by implying it’s simply the opinion of one man. But it’s not the Darwin theory of evolution, it’s the scientific theory of evolution. And there’s no reason not to simply refer to it as evolution just as we refer to gravity as gravity.

Why are there breeds and species on the Galapagos Islands unique to all other parts of the world? Darwin engaged on an unbiased quest for truth to answer that question. Piecing together the evidence revealed the answer to be evolution by natural selection over long periods of time. But Darwin was not the only scientist coming to that conclusion, nor did he invent the general idea.

So why is Darwin’s name so prominent? The same reason why The Beatles name is so well known. The same reason why the name Michael Jordon is famous. He was damn good. Darwin was disciplined and meticulous in detailing the evidence and resulting conclusion. He explained it brilliantly. But just as without The Beatles we’d still have Rock and Roll, and without Michael Jordon we’d still have basketball, without Charles Darwin we’d still have evolution as the best explanation for species diversity, fossil and DNA evidence.

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