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The Unnoticed Connection Between African-Americans and the Deaf

When  I was a lad I served a term at my Uncle Hank’s gas station on Milwaukee and Erie.  It was the mid 20th century and I, at age 16, was snared in the death-row career of pumping gas and patching inner tubes. I was also caught up in the wide-ranging wisdom of Uncle Hank,... Read more »

Abolish Affirmative Action for Wealthy Whites

The underpinning argument against affirmative action  for African-American students is that college entrance should be based largely on academic excellence alone. No tilt to the playing field, bleat America’s right-wing cultural warriors. If this is a sound argument, it begs another few questions.  Should  a student who hasn’t even grasped the rules of  rudimentary sixth-grade... Read more »

How to Out-Patriot Your Fellow Patriots at Soldier Field

Soon after some NFL players began taking a knee during the National Anthem, a horde  of flag-fawning fauna amassed in the Soldier Field stands  to starting taking   extraordinary  countermeasures in the form of star-spangled displays of super patriotism at the blare of the first note. As a consequence of the fevered, preening  rush to flaunt... Read more »

My Meetings With Presidential Hopeful Oprah

This story harks back  several years, when I was the creative director of an ad agency bearing my name on the door. One of our clients was the Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant Group, whose head, Rich Melman, was forging his fame as Chicago’s–and arguablyAmerica’s–foremost restaurateur.  One of Rich’s marketing strategies was to partner with a... Read more »

Imaginary Trump Articles by Famous Writers

  Okay, I confess. Sometimes by imagination runs a high fever. For instance, yesterday, the temperature soared to the point where I fancied I had the power to summon famous literary figures–dead or alive–to commission them to compose an essay or two about POTUS.  Next,  I took the liberty of assigning titles to each piece.... Read more »

Alternate Rumors, Part One

    Actually, this monograph is my mother’s* idea.  The most wildly imaginative chronic gossip on the fifth floor of her retirement home , she posed the following  postulate to me, ” If the alternative fact is a thing, why can’t the alternative rumor be a thing? I  make up rumors  all the time anyway.... Read more »

Is Trump's reputed greatest strength actually just another weakness?

My first Trump sighting happened decades ago when Donald, as a late-night talk-show guest , allowed his swaggering tongue to  boast that he had recently hoodwinked Merv Griffin  in a mammoth real estate deal.  This Trump schmuck, I thought, just presided over the foreclosure of any possible future Donald deal with any potential businessperson carrying... Read more »