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Just Askin', Chapter 2

Some stuff has me mired somewhere between stunned and flummoxed.  I wonder; can you help me out here?. .  Why is it that  white men, when conversing  with a black men,  almost invariably  call the black men “man”. Just askin’. . Without Donald, what will late-night TV hosts do for comedy material now.  Just askin’.... Read more »

Just Askin'

The following questions keep haunting me.   I was wondering if you could help me with an answer or two.  For centuries, millions have been hearing  and believing that people  (mostly Catholic females) have been possessed by Lucifer who  has been inducing multitudes of them to  cascade green smoothies from their maws with the force of... Read more »

A Very Personal Salute to "Stars and Stripes"

A recent entry in Donald Trump’s history of serial sundering (tearing the body politic into two hostile divides), plundering (his cavalcade  of  financial malfeasance girds the globe) and blundering (a near quotidian exercise for him) is his  recent  dunderhead blunder of attempting to exterminating yet another American institution, military newspaper Stars and Stripes. In a flash... Read more »

Announcing the First Consecutive "America's Worst" Awards

Throughout the 21st century, our dear nation’s tv screens have been bulging with first-place trophies–both real and metaphoric– in not just the  expected contests such as sports, film, journalism, music, etc., but less glowing arenas such as best bass fisherman, best cake baker, best tiger tamer, best daredevil, best bachelor/bachelorette, best survivor, best speller, etc.... Read more »

Requiem For a Vanished Art

The names etched  on the comically lopsided tombstones scattered about the small graveyard are mostly illegible,.shrouded as they are  by the long gathering moss of abandonment and neglect. The names belong to the masters of a craft (dare I say Art?)that today has  all but vanished,having been shouldered out of the way by new technologies,... Read more »