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A Vaccination Program for America

Amidst our dizzying euphoria over  Trump’s resounding defeat and  Pfizer’s  remarkable feat, a dark figure may have slipped past a collective blind spot, The figure? In surveys, about 40% of Americans have stamped their communal foot like spoiled brats and–in the name of Personal Liberty–shrieked their refusal to submit to any vaccine initiative.  These are... Read more »

Just Askin'

The following questions keep haunting me.   I was wondering if you could help me with an answer or two.  For centuries, millions have been hearing  and believing that people  (mostly Catholic females) have been possessed by Lucifer who  has been inducing multitudes of them to  cascade green smoothies from their maws with the force of... Read more »

Mapping an American Vaccination Plan

Most societies are burdened with a lunatic fringe or two.  America, I’m afraid, suffers several more than that.  And the biggest one–the size and  disposition of an armed force– I fear is on it its way. Recent surveys cough up anywhere from 18% to 49% (the latter  one heard on NPR) of Americans asserting that... Read more »

Today's Student's Worst Psychological Damage

We’ve all  heard the arguments for opening up the schools next semester.   Many who advocate for opening maintain that another year of isolation would engender irreparable emotional damage to children, to say nothing of irredeemably stunting intellectual growth. Time for  a hypothesis: I’m going to ask you to imagine two, say, eight- year-olds living today... Read more »

Why Veterans Want to Keep the Postal Service Alive

Recently a “Voice of the People” submission of mine was published on the Op Ed page.  Here is the content.   The reasons to keep the U.S. Postal Service alive and well are widely–and wisely– documented. But one reason hasn’t been granted nearly enough voice. It  has to do with Donald Trump’s indifference to American military... Read more »

A Protest Against the ProtestersI

In glimpsing the Michigan and Ohio protesters on yesterday’s cable news, I failed to notice one head of dry gray hair,  one stooped posture, one wrinkly face; in short, not one old fart like me. What I did see was two naked enactments of unenlightened self-interest in the form of placard-wielding Trumpists not yet eligible... Read more »

Is Trump Declaring War on Military Veterans?

To even suggest the extermination of the USPS is criminal.  Especially when the threat issues from the lips of a criminal–Donald Trump. Aside from we oldsters who use the mail to pay bills and receive documents (so many of us either don’t have computers, don’t navigate the internet well or just plain don’t trust exposing... Read more »

A New Old Weapon in the War Against the Pandemic

Early last Tuesday morning, an old friend of mine, a 72-tear old 112-lb. soft-spoken woman named (let’s say) Jane entered her favorite supermarket.  Fussy about her produce and her safety ,  Jane–face-masked and be-gloved– has  lately been  engaged in the  habit of  weekday shopping at 7 a.m. when the customer population is normally sparse.  That... Read more »

The Coronavirus Threat the Media Have Overlooked

As far as I know, nobody on TV, radio or print has made mention of what could be an everyday viral menace: THE HAIRCUT Think about it.  The typical haircutter touches about a dozen heads a day.  All it takes is one infected haircutter to infect dozens of customers.  And given the exponential nature of... Read more »

Charles Barkley: In All Honesty, An Ignoramus

In far too many circles, ex-NBA star Charles Barkley is profoundly revered for his “honesty”.  As a regular contributor to NBA TV  broadcasts, he has a long history of instant,  unabashed expatiation on any topic under discussion, no matter how deep and sluggishly his ignorance runs.  Most of it is harmless enough, I suppose. But ... Read more »