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Just Askin'

The following questions keep haunting me.   I was wondering if you could help me with an answer or two.  For centuries, millions have been hearing  and believing that people  (mostly Catholic females) have been possessed by Lucifer who  has been inducing multitudes of them to  cascade green smoothies from their maws with the force of... Read more »

Toxic Business Partners, Part One

“Over the course of my decades years as an ad agency creative director, I directed quite a bit of attention toward Networking.  Thus I’ve been privy to more than a few atrocity stories about business partners in ad agencies, PR agencies, production firms and various client businesses I’ve serviced.  Now that I’m marinating  deeply into... Read more »

Why Ford Should Recall its Electric Car's Brand Name

I’ve dug deep into  20th century Europe to uproot  this postulate concerning the Ford Motor Company. In 1903, a piece of short fiction entitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was initially published in Russia. As time crept by, somehow the fiction–with rampant anti-Semitism as its injection–morphed into counterfeit fact. A  vicious  hard-bound treatise  under... Read more »