I served a 30-year sentence in the ad-agency industry, finally  winning my release to self-unemployment as the  CEO-Creative Director Smith Badofsky & Raffel Advertising, departing with over 200 creative awards (including three first-place Clios), mostly for comedy radio.  Throughout that career, I engaged in other forms of writing. For TV I co-wrote with Tim Kazurinsky the Saturday Night Live "Dr. Jack Badofsky" segments as well as book and lyrics for NBC's New Performers starring Jerry Van Dyke and Mandy Patinkin; for the stage, the musical comedy, Aesop's Greatest Hits, starring Joan Cusack, Ann Cusack and Byrne Piven (who also directed), comedy material for Second City performed by Joan Rivers and Avery Schreiber. an unproduced revue with eventual Academy Award composer Michael Masser, and staged readings of two plays; for print,  more than three dozen pieces including essays, humor and memoir for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Times Magazine, Advertising Age, The Chicago Reader, Screen Magazine and others; plus some fiction and poetry in small magazines.

About my blog:  I am a cantankerously mild  soul who is bemused, amused and sometimes amazed at the pervasive irrationality practiced by our prominent figures and institutions in sports, politics, commerce, and other other societal surfaces. I will be dialing up observations, analysis and commentary with benign iconoclasm, two fisted polemics (wearing heavily padded gloves) and gently radical proposals --all with the tempered annoyance of a Larry David, the puzzle forbearance of a Horace Rumpole and, hopefully, the cranky  witwith of an Andy Rooney.