To those who still cling onto the Big Lie

In case you forgot, the seed of insurrection was first planted by the contention that individual voter fraud was rampant. Despite the evidence that this was is preposterous fairy tale, millions of you persisted in your immutable delusion.

Since unassailable data can’t budge you from your purblind faith, I’ve decided to invoke a suggestion that some regard as antediluvian: drafting the uncommon powers of Common Sense

I know; I know; Mark Twain famously defined common sense as “that which tells us the world is flat,” but in some cases, the conclusions are inescapably true.

So here’s the common sense question I want all you self-serving, self-described Patriots to pose to yourselves.

Would you or anybody you know risk years of imprisonment by fraudulently casting a ballot that would add one measly vote to your candidate’s total?

Of course only a completely irrational lunatic would even consider doing such a stupid thing.

And only a blinkered lunatic would believe that hundreds of thousands would do such a thing.

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