Why Have Fox Pundits Turned Against Free Enterprise?

I, myself, I don’t care much one way or another what goes on at Fox. But my Weekly-Standard devotee, Uncle Mel? Boy, is he steamed. So I’ve allowed him to express his vexation on my blog. So here’s Mel:

What’s all this tosh about “cancel culture,” you schmucks? We all know it’s just code for “censorship”,. Shame of you, you’re all mortifyingly addled on this issue.

Listen to me. Now that I’m self-unemployed (okay, okay, retired) I can assure you I made a nice living in advertising/marketing, believe you me. And I’m telling you now that all your carping about Dr. Seuss and Potato Head and Peepee whatever-his-name-is is dumpster drivel. The organizations who made the alterations were making decisions based on sound MARKETING. I’ll limit myself to one example. The Suess family figured if they dropped the fraction of their inventory that might offend some Dr. Suess fans, that they would bolstered their image to their MARKET, which consists of parents who like to read to their children and to intellectually stimulate them. Otherwise known as educated liberals who have plenty of money to buy books, As opposed to Trump supporters who mostly have neither the money nor any interest in buying books. In other words, NOT THE DR. SUESS MARKET, you schmucks. I’m talking good business people making shrewd marketing decisions that are bound to bring them increased profits. You know: PROFITS (the whole point of Free Enterprise, the very marrow of Capitalism, you schmucks). What are you, a wolfpack of atheistic, totalitarian commies? You’re worse than my idiot “progressive”nephew, Badjack. And that’s bad.

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