It wasn’t all that long ago that a group of the leading Republican presidential aspirants declaimed–in answer to a reporter’s question–that they did not believe in evolution. Every single one of them!

In lurching to the defense of a hominid species extinct for about 40,000 years, beauty-contest winner Tennessee senator Marcia Blackburn is hardly an exception. Clutching white-knuckled to her Umbiblical Cord (my neologism, sorry) she has publicly disgorged her complete disbelief in not just human evolution, but all evolution.A Marcia law, so to speak (Sorry again). Tell that to the corona virus, Marcia.

Which means, of course, that the high priestess of embarrassing ignorance as well as the other evolution-denying Biden baiters of the Republican tribe have suddenly transmogrified themselves into a hunting party of hypocrites.

Which is true, Marcia, homo sapiens evolution or a seven-day creation by a God who created Man in his image (Does that mean God has a penis?) some 6,000 years ago? The inquiring minds of the Evangelistic masses want to know.

Admit it, you’ve dug yourself a deep hole of contradiction. You dolts are indeed guilty of–dare I say?–Neanderthal thinking.

In fact, by meandering away from addressing crucial issues such as Covid -19 relief, climate change, economic health, etc in favor of counterfeit conflict (think Dr. Suess and similar sidesteps), you’ve fooled nobody but yourselves and other Trumpist fools.

Come to think of it, maybe your tribe should change its name to the Meanderthal party.

(Sorry, I can’t seem to pry myself from devising neologisms. I like to think that this compulsion is a genetic inheritance of highly evolved homo sapiens.)

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