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The Most Annoying Linguistic Felonies of 2020

Maybe I’m too easily irritated, but when I hear or read some misbegotten patch of language issuing from  the cranial mainsprings of  otherwise intelligent, articulate, informed public figures, I get, well, irritated.  Without, I hope, too much crankiness, I now adduce  mother-tongue missteps which, to my  senses , amount to   serious linguistic criminality.  Maybe this... Read more »

Report: Trump to Pardon Benedict Arnold

My usually unreliable sources at Faque News.conjob are reporting that a leaked  White House document revealed that POTUS fully intends to exercise his “Limitless” powers of Pardons to free from censure Benedict Arnold, as well as other controversial figures, both living and deceased.   Reporter Charlatan Mountebank has released  the  famous names listed in the document,... Read more »