Just Askin', Chapter 2

Some stuff has me mired somewhere between stunned and flummoxed.  I wonder; can you help me out here?.

.  Why is it that  white men, when conversing  with a black men,  almost invariably  call the black men “man”. Just askin’.

. Without Donald, what will late-night TV hosts do for comedy material now.  Just askin’.

.Will Vegas be laying odds concerning if and when Melania will be filing for divorce?  Just askin’.

If you accomplish the last thing on your bucket list, does that me the next thing you do is die? Just askin’,

If  you avoid doing the last thing on your bucket list, does that mean you’ll stay alive indefinitely? Just askin’.

Whatever happened to the advertising jingle? Just askin’.

Whatever happened to the comedy-dialogue radio commercial? Just askin’.

What ever happened to folk music?  Just askin’.

Whatever happened to bebop? Just askin’.

Why has  MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki–in every TV appearance –been wearing the same pair of brown wash pants  for at least a year? Just askin’.

Among men and women under 40, has the word “like” supplanted the word “the” as the most frequently uttered? Just askin’.

Is Truant Officer still a job?  Just askin’

Whenever I watch promos for singing-contest TV shows, why is  it that the contestants sing as if they are passing kidney stones? Just askin’.

Who else but Dr. Fauci could be named Time’s Person of the Year?  Not really askin;’ mostly tellin’.

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