A Vaccination Program for America

Amidst our dizzying euphoria over  Trump’s resounding defeat and  Pfizer’s  remarkable feat, a dark figure may have slipped past a collective blind spot,

The figure? In surveys, about 40% of Americans have stamped their communal foot like spoiled brats and–in the name of Personal Liberty–shrieked their refusal to submit to any vaccine initiative.  These are the same personality types (mostly maskless, anarchic  Trumpists, I’m speculating) who collaborated with Hitler during WWII, only now they are collaborators of a murderous occupying virus.. They fail to grasp the limits of Liberty inherent in any civilized society, e.g. licensing laws, zoning laws,  laws against fraud, etc.  And they  certainly shouldn’t be at Liberty to  risk infecting their fellow Americans with remorselessly contagious–often lethal–pathogens.

So, once we roll out the barrels of vaccine, what should an all-encompassing vaccine program look like? My proposed blueprint draws on the treasured American mechanisms that power everything from business to child rearing, viz. Bribery  posing as Incentive, and Punishment posing as Persuasion.

Hence, may I present to anybody who will pay heed, my comprehensive Vaccination Plan:

  1.  Tax Reduction Stimulus:  All vaccinated individuals will be beneficiaries of a 10% discount on their income tax (with perhaps a $1,000 lid so that the wealthy would not be unduly lavished).
  2.  ID program:Badges declaring “I’M COVID-19 VACCINATED” will bee distributed to those cooperating with the program. What’s more– tracked through SS numbers–a national  registry of vaccinated individuals  (thus  a data base) would be established.  Anybody fraudulently wearing the mask would be subject to a six-month prison sentence.
  3. Organization Mandates:  All organizations, public and private, are required to screen all management personnel  and employees for listing in the national registry.In the interests of self-protection, all members of the organization must be alerted to the names of colleagues  not yet vaccinated.
  4. Amnesty program:  All illegal aliens must report for vaccination at official liaising institutions, such as hospitals and pharmacies, The federal government will guarantee protection against deportation.  Any illegal aliens not cooperating, if uncovered, will be automatically deported, without due process
  5. Welfare braking:  All government welfare benefits–such as disability, food stamps, social security are discontinued until individuals are vaccinated.

Naturally, the rules will doubtlessly need some tweaking once loopholes turn up as they frequently do with new programs. And, yes,  I admit my proposed measures are somewhat draconian. But individuals will maintain their Freedom to dodge the vaccine guidelines.  Though nobody will be forced to comply,  refuseniks will find themselves facing the ostracizing force of vilification and good old-fashioned shaming.

And should the resisters somehow  get dismissed from their jobs and/or notice that they’ve become  unemployable,  too bad; that’s how things go when employers  simply exercise their Freedom to hire, fire and protect their teams.The un-vaccinated are sure to be, well, unmasked.

And, oh yes, one more thing. All you vaccine dodgers, just try to pick up someone at a singles bar if you’re not wearing a Badge.

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