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Mapping an American Vaccination Plan

Most societies are burdened with a lunatic fringe or two.  America, I’m afraid, suffers several more than that.  And the biggest one–the size and  disposition of an armed force– I fear is on it its way. Recent surveys cough up anywhere from 18% to 49% (the latter  one heard on NPR) of Americans asserting that... Read more »

"Defund the Police": World's Dumbest Slogan

My beloved Democratic Party should have hired a linguistics professor . Or maybe a semanticist,  Or better yet, a retired ad agency creative director from the era of memory-implanting tag lines.* Instead they brainlessly brainstormed the un-catchy  (and more importantly, misleading) call to action, “Defund the Police”–so incomprehensible it has to be explained away by... Read more »

What to rename Douglas Park.

There’s no debate! Nobody should have named anything after Steven Douglas. Let’s start the wrecking crew working by renaming Douglas Park to…what else but Douglass Park, after Frederick Douglass. Note to D. Trump:  The late Frederick Douglas

Today's Student's Worst Psychological Damage

We’ve all  heard the arguments for opening up the schools next semester.   Many who advocate for opening maintain that another year of isolation would engender irreparable emotional damage to children, to say nothing of irredeemably stunting intellectual growth. Time for  a hypothesis: I’m going to ask you to imagine two, say, eight- year-olds living today... Read more »

A Plan to Make November Polling Locations Safer

It’s hardly a secret that Mad King Trump and his cabal of devious dirty tricksters, demonic foul players and  devisers of dirty pools are busy concocting schemes to choke off the collective will of Black and Hispanic voters. Their chief strategy:  The antisocial distancing of polling locations calculated to stifle this cohort of voters from... Read more »