The Historical Figure Trump Most Resembles

History is bound to note the following disquieting parallels between  two infamous leaders. Consider:

.  Both boasted cult-like followings populated by lost, benighted, spellbound acolytes* who bought into and repeatedly parroted  the tilted, disjointed  ravings of their demagogic demigods.

*If you’ll permit me  the indulgence of a neologism, I’ve  tagged them as “echolytes.”

.  Though neither had ever directly murdered anybody, their incendiary urgings ignited mass murder.

.  Both spouted rhetoric that encouraged race war.

. Both  badly mistreated women.

.  Both were failures at their chosen occupations.

.  Both were both  simultaneously inane and insane.

.  Both were compulsively  egocentric.

. Both were constitutionally incapable of admitting being wrong about anything.

.  Both were incompetent at planning skills .

. Both were remarkably ignorant.

.  Both sported unbecomingly weird hair styles

. Both bore the same  icon, though in different places.  One wore his swastika on his forehead, the other’s swastika resided in the  hollow space that  perhaps once long ago was occupied by a heart.

Yes,  Posterity will place, as Trump’s moral doppelganger, Charles Manson.




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