Donald Trump Saving Black Lives

Here’s how I have it figured:

The moment D. Trump heard (remember, he doesn’t read) that African Americans and us elders suffered a disproportionate share of Covid 19 eradication, his demonic calculus got kick-started.  The math informed him  that by his encouraging Americans (by personal example,  strong suggestion and premature business openings) to  scuttle the CDC guidelines regarding masks and social distancing,  his clueless cult would wind up  merely taking  ill and recovering , while a great multitude of African Americans and many of those pesky seniors   (who have deduced that he is hell-bent on whittling away Social Security and demolishing Medicare) would perish, thus vanish from the voter rolls.

Naturally, this typically-Trumpian, daft, twisted, evil strategy backfired. For an obvious reason. The overwhelming majority of African-Americans knows that madman Trump  is a chronic deceiver, a congenital liar and an ignorant lout.  So naturally, most of them are predisposed to ignore his pernicious encouragements. Hence, most any African Americans who may not have been heeding  all the guidelines, were quick to don masks and keep  safe distances. And so, Trump, in a strangely distorted, unwitting way,  doubtlessly saved a number of black lives.

Meantime, Trump’s addictive need for in-person adoration  inexorably led him to assemble crowded blocs of maskless oafs,  consequently putting all of them in harm’s way, and many perhaps at death’s door.

Bottom line:  It’s highly probable that Trump  unintentionally removed a huge procession of his supporters from the voting lines, while inspiring a huge parade of African Americans to become even more determined to boot his swollen hindquarters out of office via the ballot box.

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