Is Trump Declaring War on Military Veterans?

To even suggest the extermination of the USPS is criminal.  Especially when the threat issues from the lips of a criminal–Donald Trump.

Aside from we oldsters who use the mail to pay bills and receive documents (so many of us either don’t have computers, don’t navigate the internet well or just plain don’t trust exposing their data on the internet), there are hundreds of thousands of veterans like me who rely on the U,S, Mail to get their meds from the Veterans’ Administration.  No veteran –male or female–served this country only to have a draft dodger rob them of their right to get needed medications at a reasonable price.

Between threatening the U.S. mail ( so people of color and old people will be discouraged from voting)and defunding the WHO (to deflect the blame for the mishandling on somebody else) , Trump hasdemonstrated his inanity and insanity.



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