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A Protest Against the ProtestersI

In glimpsing the Michigan and Ohio protesters on yesterday’s cable news, I failed to notice one head of dry gray hair,  one stooped posture, one wrinkly face; in short, not one old fart like me. What I did see was two naked enactments of unenlightened self-interest in the form of placard-wielding Trumpists not yet eligible... Read more »

Is Trump Declaring War on Military Veterans?

To even suggest the extermination of the USPS is criminal.  Especially when the threat issues from the lips of a criminal–Donald Trump. Aside from we oldsters who use the mail to pay bills and receive documents (so many of us either don’t have computers, don’t navigate the internet well or just plain don’t trust exposing... Read more »

A New Old Weapon in the War Against the Pandemic

Early last Tuesday morning, an old friend of mine, a 72-tear old 112-lb. soft-spoken woman named (let’s say) Jane entered her favorite supermarket.  Fussy about her produce and her safety ,  Jane–face-masked and be-gloved– has  lately been  engaged in the  habit of  weekday shopping at 7 a.m. when the customer population is normally sparse.  That... Read more »