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The Coronavirus Threat the Media Have Overlooked

As far as I know, nobody on TV, radio or print has made mention of what could be an everyday viral menace: THE HAIRCUT Think about it.  The typical haircutter touches about a dozen heads a day.  All it takes is one infected haircutter to infect dozens of customers.  And given the exponential nature of... Read more »

Charles Barkley: In All Honesty, An Ignoramus

In far too many circles, ex-NBA star Charles Barkley is profoundly revered for his “honesty”.  As a regular contributor to NBA TV  broadcasts, he has a long history of instant,  unabashed expatiation on any topic under discussion, no matter how deep and sluggishly his ignorance runs.  Most of it is harmless enough, I suppose. But ... Read more »

Why I'm voting for Denyse


Why I'm voting for Denyse

Last week, Denyse Wang Stoneback, Democratic candidate for  Illinois State representative of the 16th district, spoke before a small gathering of mostly Jewish voters in an apartment of my condo high rise. As a Progressive, I was impressed that she checked all the boxes of my social, moral and political scorecard. But what left the... Read more »