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Why Ford Should Recall its Electric Car's Brand Name

I’ve dug deep into  20th century Europe to uproot  this postulate concerning the Ford Motor Company. In 1903, a piece of short fiction entitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was initially published in Russia. As time crept by, somehow the fiction–with rampant anti-Semitism as its injection–morphed into counterfeit fact. A  vicious  hard-bound treatise  under... Read more »

POTUS Set to Grant 10 Posthumous Pardons?

Occasionally-reliable sources are reporting that Donald Trump is preparing pardons for well known figures  of whom –he allegedly alleges,–“fake history has been unfair  to,in their indictments slurring and sullying their good names” Following is an alleged list of the alleged recipients of the alleged pardons. along with the President’ alleged commentary  defending their behavior.  ... Read more »