Why are Republican celebrating?

Is it just me suffering from political amnesia?

If I recall, the principal objective of the Mueller investigation was to find out if the Russians had interfered with our elections.

Given all the indictments, guilty pleas, etc.  clustered around the findings, the Russian are clearly guilty as charged.

You’d think, then, that all of America would glue together in outrage, determined in their demand for an end to Russia’s internet incursions.

Instead we are horrified to witness Trump and his GOP mobsters acting as if Christmas has come early and Mueller–their Santa Claus–has bestowed a mound of glittering gifts upon them.  Not one has uttered even a whisper about damning the Russians.

Correct me if I missed something, but hasn’t Santa Mueller – thus far–seen Putin asleep and awake, knows when he  has been bad of good, and has deemed him not  nice, but naughty?

Shouldn’t his buddy, Donald, be scolding his with, I dunno, further sanctions or some other punishment?

Unless, of course, Donald is complicit in the naughtiness.  Hmm.


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