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The Tells of Duplicity

It’s certainly no secret anymore that when Donald Trump says “Believe me.” anybody who’s barely sentient does not believe him–just as many of the citizenry knew that when Richard Nixon used to blurt “Let me make one thing perfectly clear”, what followed was a welter of opacity, obfuscation and bullshit. These two examples have inspired... Read more »

America's Epidemic of Incompetence

Mostly, it whittles down to a simple equation, : Indifference +Laziness= Incompetence   So pervasive is  America’s persistent  incompetence, it begs to be classified as a bona fide epidemic.  I really thought that in 2008, when job opportunities had suddenly plunged into scarcity, that working stiffs would stiffen their resolve and take aim toward politeness,... Read more »