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The Cultural Takeover of the Fractionally Informed

Somehow America has managed to hybridize two old chestnuts, one palatable, the other indigestible to the palate of rationality.  The two, in order: “Everybody is entitled to their (sic) opinion.”  “One opinion is as good as another. Though the two don’t come close to conflation, in today’s America the hybrid is  not only  thriving, but... Read more »

My Number Two Pet Peeve

My number one pet peeve?  That unavoidable destiny of all living things, Death. Number two?   Self-Inflicted Ignorance, the easily avoidable destiny of barely sentient beings. Three recent examples: Three weekends ago, I strolled up to the counter of a Great Clips and, noting that both  stylists were occupied by customers, I asked the nearest... Read more »