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Gene Siskel's Most Treasured Secret Possession

This is part two–the second memory– of the blog-set inspired by last night’s CBS special paying tribute to the BeeGees.   Technically, as Chicago Tribune’s Entertainment Editor, my then wife Carolyn, was for years his boss; technically, that is, since nobody at the Tribune was the de facto boss of the newspaper’s most powerfully famous... Read more »

The World's Most Unlikely Babysitter

When last night’s scan of the TV menu turned up the CBS’ tribute to the BeeGees, my hippocampus kicked into overtime to conjure up two vignettes from my back story. I’ve decided to splice them into two blogs. Here’s the first:   As the Creative Director/Producer of the Chicago Tribune’s ad agency, I was charged... Read more »

When Width Connects to Wit

The first time I saw him in person he was lumbering into an audio studio, swathed in woolens, ¬†flapping his arms which had apparently been stiffened by the arctic 1970’s Chicago weather he had just exited. The flapping was fitting, for he was a walrus of a man, a great mound of blubber surrounding an... Read more »