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The Amazing Secret of Chicago's Seminal Sports-Talk Radio Host

The year:1995. The newspaper obit fastened my eye and caught my throat. In early June, former Chicago broadcaster Don Vogel had died at age 49. The quiet announcement summoned the memory of this squat, gentle man filling the booth of an audio studio, staging displays of his vocal virtuosity for our inexhaustible amusement. The announcement... Read more »

The Hidden Messages of Euphemism

Note of apology:  I have rummaged through my frontal lobe for the best way to kick off this monograph without a boast,  but  boast keeps eclipsing the alternatives.  And so  this kickoff:  My career in advertising was spangled with dozens and dozens of creative awards including several Clios, the industry’s loose translation of the Oscars.... Read more »

My Meetings With Presidential Hopeful Oprah

This story harks back  several years, when I was the creative director of an ad agency bearing my name on the door. One of our clients was the Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant Group, whose head, Rich Melman, was forging his fame as Chicago’s–and arguablyAmerica’s–foremost restaurateur.  One of Rich’s marketing strategies was to partner with a... Read more »

Imaginary Trump Articles by Famous Writers

  Okay, I confess. Sometimes by imagination runs a high fever. For instance, yesterday, the temperature soared to the point where I fancied I had the power to summon famous literary figures–dead or alive–to commission them to compose an essay or two about POTUS.  Next,  I took the liberty of assigning titles to each piece.... Read more »