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Defending Garpax

  Like the mob of villagers lumbering toward the Frankenstein castle, armed with flaming truncheons intended to immolate the doctor, his monster and the whole damned gloomy gothic stronghold, lately inflamed bulls fans– goaded by outraged sports talk hosts–are hell-bent on setting aflame the contemporary incarnations of the bumbling mad doctor and Igor (Pax and... Read more »

The Birthplace of Fake News

A short time ago, Jimmy Greenfield asked the community to–on short deadline– expatiate on a single assigned topic.  The topic had to do with a dramatic turning point in one’s life. I happened to have missed the notice and thus the challenge.  The topic, though, nailed my attention.  Indeed, it  threads though the novels of... Read more »

Something is rotten at my supermarket: shopper behavior

They call it self-interest. And they say it’s what drives us Americans to achievement. I call it selfishness. And, personally, it drives me nuts. Nowhere do the examples of selfishness manifest themselves more luminously than in that microcosm of looking-out-for-No. 1 incivility, the supermarket. Here our society’s less powerful sinners get to practice at petty... Read more »

Alternate Rumors, Part One

    Actually, this monograph is my mother’s* idea.  The most wildly imaginative chronic gossip on the fifth floor of her retirement home , she posed the following  postulate to me, ” If the alternative fact is a thing, why can’t the alternative rumor be a thing? I  make up rumors  all the time anyway.... Read more »