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Developer D. Trump Buying Up Eight Circles of Hell

Recent rumors have it that President-Elect Donald Trump is in the process of closing a deal  to purchase eight of Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell.  “It’s one hell of a deal for me,” Trump trumpeted , according to reliably uninformed sources.  “This is very, very hot property, and I really got it for a terrifically... Read more »

A Radically Simple Game-Plan to Revolutionize NFL Football

Just as in our national pastime*,  the origin of American football can be traced to a 19th century adaptation of sports being played in England, specifically rugby football and association football, both games to which kicking is organic. Naturally, as a transformative game of both, our football adopted as a component a similar kicking of... Read more »

The Most Historically Important Chicagoan-- From1950 to 2000

During a  stretch of time at the end of the last century, out of idle curiosity I conducted an informal private poll among four dozen or so people of my acquaintance.  The poll posed one simple challenge:  Name the Chicagoan whom history will mark as the most important of the last half of the twentieth... Read more »

Sixteen Linguistic Atrocities That Should Be Classified As Criminal

I’m  not exactly saying that the people guilty of these mother-tongue malfeasances should be sentenced to seven years on Devil’s island with caterpillars as the mainstay of their diets,  but maybe three days of public pillory with nothing to eat but kale and cauliflower puree would serve a higher justice. What are these ugly, irrational... Read more »