NEANDERTHAL THINKING; THE REPUBLICANS’ EMBARRASSING CONTRADICTION It wasn’t all that long ago that a group of the leading Republican presidential aspirants declaimed–in answer to a reporter’s question–that they did not believe in evolution. Every single one of them! In lurching to the defense of a hominid species extinct for about 40,000 years, beauty-contest winner Tennessee... Read more »

Why It's Time For a New "Chicago" Song

Any time any of the two most celebrated songs about our fair city, Chicago, My Kind of Town or Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town storm my acoustic turf, I marvel not at why they are regarded as beloved, but rather as misbegotten. Apart from compositions afflicted by melodies that wobble about lost and dazed in that... Read more »

A Short Catalog of Tagline ADrocities

On those occasions in which some circumstance wedges me into an exchange with someone who knows nothing about me. the stranger–with the ineluctability of sundown–will engage in the short-cut question that practically all Americans intone, the one that will size me up to determine whether or not I carry enough status to make me worthwhile... Read more »

One Man's Plan for Balanced Education in America?

The man with the plan isn’t me. It’s my former bother–er, brother-in-law Ace, who–just because he keeps texting me– thinks he’s maintained a friendship with me. .Anyway, Ace keeps nagging me about my supposed political bias, a topic which–in this, my blog–I dilate on from time to time. He keeps badgering me about –in the... Read more »

To those who still cling onto the Big Lie

In case you forgot, the seed of insurrection was first planted by the contention that individual voter fraud was rampant. Despite the evidence that this was is preposterous fairy tale, millions of you persisted in your immutable delusion. Since unassailable data can’t budge you from your purblind faith, I’ve decided to invoke a suggestion that... Read more »

Swifties Redux

In 1910, printer Victor Appleton launched the first in the series of Tom Swift books of fiction aimed at boys enchanted by science and technology. By the millions, readers worldwide were lavish in their celebration. Cultivated critics were not. Largely owing to the author’s (or authors’) adverbial promiscuity, the literary luster was destined to dim.... Read more »

Why Have Fox Pundits Turned Against Free Enterprise?

I, myself, I don’t care much one way or another what goes on at Fox. But my Weekly-Standard devotee, Uncle Mel? Boy, is he steamed. So I’ve allowed him to express his vexation on my blog. So here’s Mel: What’s all this tosh about “cancel culture,” you schmucks? We all know it’s just code for... Read more »

Why, really, did Mitch turned against the Donald?

There’s been a  huge maelstrom of  varied opinions surrounding Mitch McConnell’s Trump  turnabout.  But I’ve heard no views that express the postulate contained in a mysterious unsigned letter and audiotape I received recently.  It purports to contain a recording of a conversation between Mitch and his wife,Elaine Chao, on the day after Mitch voted against... Read more »

Bleak Lives Matter

This just in from my sources at F.U.N ( Faque Unverified  News): It’s been reported that–between January 4 and January 7–the number of pizza deliveries across America declined by an estimated 76%. Experts have attributed the phenomenon to the probability that most pizza delivery  guys were in Washington D.C. in that time frame. Following is an... Read more »

The Most Annoying Linguistic Felonies of 2020

Maybe I’m too easily irritated, but when I hear or read some misbegotten patch of language issuing from  the cranial mainsprings of  otherwise intelligent, articulate, informed public figures, I get, well, irritated.  Without, I hope, too much crankiness, I now adduce  mother-tongue missteps which, to my  senses , amount to   serious linguistic criminality.  Maybe this... Read more »