Everyone Hates Obama


I get that you might have a difficult time believing that Sarah Palin was right on the whole “quantitative easing is a really bad deal” thing, Barack, but would you believe, say, the entire G-20 summit when it turns out they aren’t so excited about your plan to print tons of money and  keep the value of the dollar so as to gain the upper hand in international trade.

Leaders of 20 major economies on Friday refused to
endorse a U.S. push to get China to let its currency rise, keeping
alive a dispute that has raised the specter of a global trade war amid
criticism that cheap Chinese exports are costing American jobs. …

The biggest disappointment for the United States was the pledge by
the leaders to refrain from “competitive devaluation” of currencies.
Such a statement is of little consequence since countries usually only
devalue their currencies — making it less worth against the dollar — in
extreme situations like a severe financial crisis.

Yeah, obviously the world isn’t thrilled with this development. There’s a reason we’re always pissed at China’s refusal to devalue the Yuan and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they are hoarding the shit out of the world’s lumber. It’s because, as Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz pointed out at a competing forum in Hong Kong, QE might strengthen America, not because it’s increasing our growth capacity or legitimately increasing our competitiveness, but only because it f***s over basically everyone else, especially emerging economies that we’re totes friends with like South Korea and Taiwan. It’s definitely not making us friends with people who expect us to float their economies by gobbling up their overpriced, shoddy consumer goods. Yes, Stiglitz is kind of a socialist, who’d prefer that the US issue a second stimulus to build high-speed rail, but that’s cool. He still makes sense. Plus, let’s face it, the last person we should be taking economic advice from is China, which is the general opinion of the G-20.

This sucks for other reasons, too. It means that, on the world stage, we’re not exactly viewed as economic superstars. It also means that everyone sort of hates him. Peeps don’t want his autograph on dog-eared copies of his book, they’d rather not hug him if they don’t have to, and he’s been ticking off lists of people who still might like him to world reporters. If the world is just one big high school cafeteria, Obama’s the kid eating alone in the corner with the pants that are too short. Some might even say that there’s been a quantitative easing of someone’s personal as well as federal currency.

The question is pretty obvious: is it better to have the world hate you because you stab them in the back of because you’re just flat out crazy? Does it matter if you’re trapped in a currency war that could cause everyone to throw up crazy tariffs and send us careening back into the great depression?

I have no idea.


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  • planet earth has never had denomination in grams/ounces AND it was ALSO NOT coin of the realm....it will happen in our lifetime....nothing is more natural and brings greater peace than peer2peer economics of the greatest granularity.....all the fiat moneys are in a race to beggar thy neighbor...the endgame is either worldwide paper/scarcity or worldwide private grams/abundance.....

    lila rajiva wrote a long time ago about anti-sinitism, but make sure u r not eating chips or drinking milk when reading the article because she has the knack of kicking the crap out of u with her writing and making you laugh at the same time

    there are too many articles on gold as money for me to list them all here; what comes to mind is the book "gold the once and future money", ron pauls video "gold is money" and anything by judith shelton whom the wsj loves to quote and rightly so

    i will conclude with this piece of original writing.....Perhaps the most egregious triumph of evil perpetrated by those that maintain police power backing for the global money monopoly is convincing people that economics is something that one can have an opinion about. It's not. If you believe that economics is a matter of opinion you will be separated from your own chi, your own power, your own kishkahs (guts), and your own money. Don't be duped. Always follow the money and always ask cui bono. And like the squirrels in autumn, be prepared.

  • The G-20 finally saw the election results & decided that Obama wasn't the savior of the world.

  • The People love winners. When Obama was a winner, everybody was for him.

    Now that he's a loser (add to that list not getting the Olympics for Chicago), everybody's against him. Happens all the time.

    Being both clueless and incompetent doesn't really help his image, either.

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