Bashing Rush Limbaugh: The New Sex Tape

When you want to revive your waning career in the spotlight, you do one of a number of things.

One, you go on a three day bender, crash a car worth a minimum of $100K, beat up a hooker and get found, face down in an alley with a hairdo just crazy enough to earn you the top spot on TMZ.

Two, you, like Kim Kardashian and a host of semi-famous others, get naked and do naughty things on camera, then “accidentally” leak your movie to several hundred publicists, agents, gossip rags and horny 15-year-olds.

Or, three, you attack someone who’s popularity and influence appears to be at an all-time high, hoping to God they’ll waste time attacking you back so you can book a couple of talk shows or something.

Former President Bill Clinton’s comments about the Tea Party have prompted a war of words with Rush Limbaugh.

The conservative talk radio host took issue with Mr. Clinton’s comments on the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

He compared the anti-government rhetoric of 1995 with the Tea Party rhetoric now.

“The words we use really do matter because there are, there’s this vast
echo chamber. And they go across space and they fall on the serious and
the delirious alike. We can’t let the debate veer so far into hatred
that we lose focus on our common humanity,” Former President Bill
Clinton said.

Responses as expected: the left took the opportunity to passive-aggressively interfere with free speech by insinuating Clinton’s message could be extrapolated to mean the Tea Parties would give way to a series of violent episodes like the horrendous Oklahoma City Bombing. Rush Limbaugh used the comment to make headlines by pinning any future violence squarely on…wait for it…Bill Clinton.

The winner in all of this is, undoubtedly, Rush Limbaugh. I mean, think about it. To have people out there who spend their lives cooking up ways to get him to notice them? That’s real power. If you spend all of your time obsessing over what someone says and does, taking cheap shots at every opportunity, you’re pretty much crowning them with a mantle of importance. And they spend a ton of time trying to weasel their way into a mention on his radio program. I’m sort of tempted to believe that every night, Robert Gibbs goes to bed with a picture of Rush under his pillow, hoping against hope Rush will say his name out loud, dreaming of ways to draw him into any situation. 

Whatever Rush was to his listeners before the Obama Administration and its lackeys took power, he’s a king to them now. And he’s got no one but the people who hate him to thank.

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