I Wish I Could Meet M.A.S.H. Character Hawkeye Pierce

I Wish I Could Meet M.A.S.H. Character Hawkeye Pierce

If I was able to spend time with any choice of a fictional character, I would chose to spend time with Hawkeye Pierce from M.A.S.H. This character fascinates me because he is so complex.

He has deep compassion, amazing skill as a doctor and surgeon, but has an incredible sense of humor along with lightning speed wit. I have always been envious of that trait in Hawkeye.

At times, he acts like a child and can be downright annoying, but his strong characteristics make this one acceptable. He simply fascinates me!

I love how much he loves his father and the way he lights up when talking about his hometown of Crabapple Cove. I imagine we would meet there in Crabapple cove in a diner on Main street. There has to be one of those right?

We would get coffee and I would ask him probing questions about his thought processes, dreams, and future. Who wouldn’t want to know what makes Hawkeye Pierce tick?

I am very curious about how he does after the war. He goes “crazy” near the end of it, but appears to recover once he figures out it has to do with the lady and the chicken.

I would hope that some of his sharp wit would rub off on me. With that wit, I would be the most popular person at get-togethers, work and everywhere I went.

I imagine I would feel it necessary to discuss his fear if commitment and as a social worker assist him in conquering this particular fear. That would be a feather in my therapeutic cap now wouldn’t it?

It will be a wonderful evening ending with a hug and a wink.. that’s all. Just a hug and a wink. We’ll both know what it means!


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