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5 Reasons Why I Stopped Cosplaying

5 Reasons Why I Stopped Cosplaying
While all my friends are scrambling to get their costumes finished up for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, C2E2, this weekend, I’m working on a new Dwarven Cleric character for a Pathfinder game. If you told me a few years ago that I would be trading spandex and wigs for dice bags and character... Read more »

Chicago Comic Con 2012

Photo Credit: Rich Johannsen (Lesson 5 Photography)
Chicago Comic Con 2012 is just a memory now, and this year was an interesting one. This year, Wizard World used more of the convention center space! Part of me loved the changed, and part of me was just confused with the whole new layout of the show. I loved the extra elbow room. The... Read more »