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ThunderCats (2011) Review

I’m ashamed to admit that I actually forgot the new ThunderCats series was premiering last week. As of late, most of my television viewing has been via Netflix Instant Queue. For some reason I thought the series wouldn’t begin until August. I searched the internet high and low to find out when an encore presentation... Read more »

Look Mom, I'm "Costumer of the Week!"

Today I got a Facebook notification from Lenny Java, also known as LJImagination. His website features cosplayers from all walks of life. And his Facebook page, LJImagination Presents Costumer of the Week! showcases a different cosplayers every week (I guess that part was pretty self-explanatory). This is what he had to say about yours truly:... Read more »

Explaining cosplay to co-workers

New costume for Chicago Comic Con I didn’t think it was a huge secret that I frequently dress up in costumes for fun, but a lot of people I work with had no idea…until now. Recently, some of the guys at work were talking about Chicago Comic Con, and they asked if I would be... Read more »

Thundercats are on the move!

Thundercats are on the move!
New logo design Last week it was announced that a new Thundercats animated series will be coming to Cartoon Network in 2011. This will be a remake of the popular 80s cartoon, which will be done anime-style by Warner Bros. Animation in collaboration with Studio4°C. I rarely watch Cartoon Network, but Thundercats has a special... Read more »