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C2E2 Kicks-Ass!

So I’ve already mentioned that actors from the anticipated hero film Kick-Ass will be appearing in Chicago, but the names of the actors weren’t released yet. Today, C2E2 has announced which Kick-Ass actors will be appearing in Chicago this weekend! This was shared on C2E2’s official Twitter page today: Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Chloe Moretz (Hit... Read more »

C2E2 Celebrity Interview of My Dreams

Well, C2E2 is less than a week away, and I’m excited. Although I’ve been working in TV longer than I’ve been going to conventions, I’ve never attempted to get press access to any of these events until now. I guess it’s because I always use vacation time to go to cons, and no one wants... Read more »

Star Wars Sitcom?

Can spin-offs be as good as the original? Monday Lucasfilms announced that they were developing a Star Wars animated sitcom. When I heard the news it sounded like some kind of joke. Lucas seems to be milking this cash cow dry, if you ask me. I love Star Wars as much as the next nerd,... Read more »

DYI: Power Daggers - Prop Making for Beginners

Reference picture from Japanese Magazine I’m in no way a seamstress, and most of my costumes are commissioned by people who actually know what they’re doing. I have been known to craft a few props and accessories for my costumes though. The most impressive handcrafted props I have are my Power Daggers, and I’m going... Read more »

Win tickets to the Kick-Ass Premiere!

The movie Kick-Ass will be opening the same weekend as the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, C2E2. This event is the perfect opportunity for the actors from the movie to come out to Chicago and meet all the fans. On Thursday April 15, 2010, Chicago will be hosting a red carpet premiere event for Kick-Ass,... Read more »

LOST Frustrations

Well, like most of humanity, I’ve been sucked into the torturous vortex of a show we like to call “LOST.” Now, I’m not going to take this opportunity to go on about my theories of what the hell the show is actually about, or what’s really going on…it’s the last season and I’m exhausted with... Read more »

Geek for Life!

My tattoos (left to right): Original line art I designed in high school, cross with rose vines, Kryptonian symbol for the house of El. Pretty boring compared to the tattoo pictures I found online. Tattoos are everywhere…if you don’t have one (or several), I’m sure you know someone who does. Everyone is branding their bodies... Read more »

Geeky Weddings

I wonder if they played the “Imperial March” It’s no secret that I’m a big geek. I have a huge costume collection, I go to conventions, and I collect toys. Many people who know me, believe that I will be having some sort of geektastic wedding, with a theme. Lots of my friends have been... Read more »

Star Wars Parody Music Videos

Boba Fett from “Galactic Empire State of Mind” (CollegeHumor.com) Thanks to all my nerdy friends who post videos and share links with me, I watch a good number of entertaining parody videos. Admittedly my favorite ones usually involve some sort of Star Wars characters. The web is loaded with fan films and parody videos, but... Read more »

Durance Magazine: New Digital Magazine Launches

Cover of Issue #1 of Durance Magazine Shortly after The CW announced the renewal of Smallville for a 10th season, I blogged about my excitement. Little did I know that someone out there in cyberspace was reading my blog, and that someone was impressed enough to want me to be apart of her project. I... Read more »