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ThunderCats (2011) Review

I’m ashamed to admit that I actually forgot the new ThunderCats series was premiering last week. As of late, most of my television viewing has been via Netflix Instant Queue. For some reason I thought the series wouldn’t begin until August. I searched the internet high and low to find out when an encore presentation... Read more »

Thundercats are on the move!

Thundercats are on the move!
New logo design Last week it was announced that a new Thundercats animated series will be coming to Cartoon Network in 2011. This will be a remake of the popular 80s cartoon, which will be done anime-style by Warner Bros. Animation in collaboration with Studio4°C. I rarely watch Cartoon Network, but Thundercats has a special... Read more »

Cosplay = Double Life

Nash as the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger @ Anime Central 2007 (photo by It has come to my attention that a good number of people out there have no idea what cosplay is!!! SHOCKING!!! Don’t fret. You’re in luck. Let me break it down for you. Let’s start with the word cosplay. The word... Read more »