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Transformers 3 to ditch offensive Autobots

I’ve recently found out that the very controversial, ebonics speaking Autobots known as Skids and Mudflap (The Twins) will not be returning for Transformers 3. Transformers Director, Michael Bay told fans yesterday on his official message board that “The Twins are not back in T3.” We all know they didn’t die in the last movie,... Read more »

Ironettes: Iron Man's Cheerleaders

This weekend Iron Man 2 opened, grossing $133.6 million. Although the awesome action sequences and special effects kicked some serious butt, I’m sure every guy in America would like to see more of the Ironettes (the Stark Expo dancers). is featuring an interview with one of the Ironettes, Renee Herlocker. Herlocker talks about her... Read more »

Chris Hemsworth as Thor for upcoming comic film (PIC)

Yesterday, Marvel released the first official photo of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. The Principal photography on this anticipated comic book film has begun, and the film is due in theaters May 6, 2011. I’m not a huge Thor fan myself, but I’m particularly excited to see how this story plays out on the big screen.... Read more »

C2E2 Kicks-Ass!

So I’ve already mentioned that actors from the anticipated hero film Kick-Ass will be appearing in Chicago, but the names of the actors weren’t released yet. Today, C2E2 has announced which Kick-Ass actors will be appearing in Chicago this weekend! This was shared on C2E2’s official Twitter page today: Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Chloe Moretz (Hit... Read more »

Win tickets to the Kick-Ass Premiere!

The movie Kick-Ass will be opening the same weekend as the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, C2E2. This event is the perfect opportunity for the actors from the movie to come out to Chicago and meet all the fans. On Thursday April 15, 2010, Chicago will be hosting a red carpet premiere event for Kick-Ass,... Read more »

"Kick-Ass" cast appearing in Chicago

I’m happy to share that Chicago will be hosting a red carpet premiere event for the movie Kick-Ass. The film is directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Nicolas Cage. On Thursday April 15, 2010 the day before C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo), cast members... Read more »

Comic Book Literacy

Comics have been loved by children and adults alike for decades. For the most part, they are viewed as a somewhat childish or geeky hobby. Comic books, believe it or not, can be used as a learning tool. “Comic Book Literacy” is a documentary that emphasizes the positive attributes of a misunderstood medium.  The film... Read more »

Miss Piggy Goes "Gaga" for Next Muppet Movie

Word on the street is that “How I Met Your Mother” star Jason Segel, is working on the next Muppet Movie. I’ve yet to track down the actually title of this film, but my searches have come up with either “The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made” or “The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made.” A source... Read more »

Life Imitating Art

As any cosplayer knows, getting your picture taking is as common as saying “hello” when you’re at a convention. The key to taking a great photo in costume is having the perfect pose. To channel your character, it’s quite common to strike one of their signature poses. I’ve come across a few cosplay photos that... Read more »

Transformers to film in Chicago

I have admittedly become a Transformers fan after seeing the live action film in 2007! I was so inspired by the bad-ass robots, that I decided to transform my 2006 VW Beetle into the Bumblebee Bug! Fittingly the original Bumblebee from the Transformers cartoon series was a yellow VW Beetle too. My car is a... Read more »