Pokémon League Badges: Adding flair to your gaming

Pokémon League Badges: Adding flair to your gaming

It’s been a while since I’ve played a Pokémon game from beginning, to the Elite Four, and beyond. The last Pokémon game I played in it’s entirety was Heart Gold.

My husband and I usually play Pokémon together. We played Heart Gold and Soul Silver together, while we were dating and living in different states (Nintendo DS Wi-Fi dates were pretty cool! Hooray for technology!). We also own Pokémon Black and White and Pokémon X and Y, but never completed either games. Usually we start out playing obsessively, earn a couple of badges, and then stop playing because work schedules and other interests take priority. Now that we have a 1-year-old son, and opposite work shifts, we have even less time to play.

With 2016 marking the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon, the overwhelming nostalgia and social media posts have made me want to pick up my 3DS and play Pokémon again! So, a few weeks ago, we cut all ties with our previous Kalos region Pokémon, and started a new game of X and Y.

I honestly forgot how cool the Pokémon X and Y games were. The character customization, Super Training, Pokémon-Amie, Wonder Trades, awesome graphics, and the massive scale of the Kalos Region make this one of the coolest Pokémon games I’ve played!

Since we’re determined to actually complete the game this time around, I thought I would do something cool to make the game more interesting. I picked up two sets of metal pins made to look like the Kalos League Badges!

Kalos League Badges from pkmnbadges

Kalos League Badges from pkmnbadges

We’ve only been to the first gym in X and Y (the journey between the first and second gym is massive in this game), so I set out the Bug Badge as a surprise for my husband to find. As we play through the game, and collect badges in game, we will get the matching badges in real life! I seriously geeked out over how great the pins look.


This was sitting on my husband’s desk when he got home from work. Presentation is everything!

Check out the amazing craftsmanship on this pin! Love it!

Check out the amazing craftsmanship on this pin!

It’s such a small thing, but it’s an awesome addition to the game play experience. How cool is it to actually get to hold an in-game reward in your hands!? My first badge is currently on my gaming bag.

I’m actually more excited this time around, than when we first got the game two years ago. I’m taking my time and actually enjoying all the little side things you can do in the X and Y games. For the first time ever, I’ve actually got six Eevees that I need to train, which can fulfill my dream of having a party of different Eeveelutions! Muah ha ha!

Plus on top of having a blast playing the video game, I get to pin another badge on my messenger bag once I defeat the next Gym Leader!  I’m a little obsessed about winning them. I may actually collect some of the other badge pin sets after this.

The Bug Badge looks pretty good on my gaming bag!

The Bug Badge looks pretty good on my gaming bag!

My husband hasn’t seen the other pins in person yet, because he said he’d rather wait and earn the badges. I can’t wait until our son is old enough to play Pokémon with us. I would love to get him his own set of badges one day.

When I was a young trainer, playing Pokémon Blue in the 1990s, I would have lost my mind if I could have actual Indigo League Badges! I would have pinned them on my backpack, or worn them on my clothes, or walked around with them in a sweet carrying case like they do in the anime.


We’ll catch up to Ash soon! (Pokémon XY & Z)


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