Game Review: Jaipur

Game Review: Jaipur

Jaipur is a fast and fun set collecting card game designed for  2-players. Each person plays as a merchant trying to earn the most points by selling their goods and winning the Maharaja’s favor.

The rules are simple, on your turn you can either take cards from the market or sell cards from your hand. The market is a set of five cards in the middle of the table. The cards represent leather, spices, silk, silver, gold, diamonds, or camels. You can acquire these goods a few ways:

  • Take all the camel card from the market and place them in front of you (your herd)
  • Take a single good card from the market
  • Take multiple good cards from the market and replace them with either cards from your hand, camels from your herd, or both


You have a hand size limit of 7 cards. The camel cards in your herd stay in a stack in front of you on the table, which do not count against your hand size. When you sell cards, they have to be all the same type, and you earn rupees for every card you sell. If you sell one card, you get one rupee. Sell four cards and you get four rupees.

The rupee tokens are worth the number of points printed on them. The first tokens available are worth more points than the ones available later in the game. So selling goods early could get you a nice chunk of points right away. If you sell 3 or more goods at a time, you get bonus tokens worth extra points at the end of the game. When selling expensive goods (silver, gold, and diamonds), you have to sell a minimum of two cards.

The game set up. Rupee tokens in descending order on the side. Five cards will always be in the market.

The game set up. Rupee tokens in descending order on the side. Five cards will always be in the market.

As simple as the game is, there is also a level of strategy involved, which makes this game great! You may decide to sell a few goods early on, and get the high valued rupees right away. Maybe you’ll wait and stock up on goods to sell 3 or more items at a time to collect more rupees at once, plus the bonus tokens.

Camels are only worth points in the end if you have more than your opponent, but managing your herd is a big part of getting the goods you need. Taking a large set of camels from the marketplace is great for future turns, but your opponent gets first dibs on the next group of goods that will appear to replace those camels you just acquired.

The art in this game is vibrant and fun. The quality of the components, including the stylized insert for the box are excellent. This is a game that is easy to teach, and a lot of fun to play. A game takes about 30 minutes, and plays until someone wins 2 out of 3 rounds.

My husband and I love to play Jaipur. It’s a great filler game if you have some time to kill.  I don’t usually buy 2-player only games, but this one is a must have! This is such a quick and fun game I don’t mind playing it over and over.

At an out of town wedding, we played a game of Jaipur, while we waited for cocktail hour/the reception.

At an out of town wedding, we played a game of Jaipur in the hotel, while we waited for cocktail hour/the reception.

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