Chicago Comic Con 2012

Chicago Comic Con 2012 is just a memory now, and this year was an interesting one. This year, Wizard World used more of the convention center space! Part of me loved the changed, and part of me was just confused with the whole new layout of the show.

I loved the extra elbow room. The aisles were nice and wide, and I didn’t feel like everyone was invading my personal space when walking the convention floor. The main lobby was used for replica vehicles, which freed up more space in the main hall for other booths. There was even a lounge area added to the con, with couches for attendees sit back and take a load off.

Artist Alley was divided into two sections. Celebrities were moved right near the Artist, which were behind all the vendors. Just wandering around the convention was confusing. I was looking for particular booths, and tables, and the paper map was nearly unreadable. The booth numbers were printed way too tiny.

I did download the new Wizard World Comic Con App, which was fairly useful. I used the app to locate booths and artist. Attendees could also use the app to see a full schedule of convention events, and set reminder alerts before that event began.

The app is new, so it wasn’t without a few bugs. It occasionally crashed while I was using it, and like the paper maps, the font on the map section of the app was way too small. Hopefully next year, they’ll fix the bugs, and have a vector map that’s more readable when you zoom in on the app.

There were tons of celebrities and panels. Stan Lee was one of the most anticipated guests. I spotted him wandering around the con at one point. I’ve run into him at another convention before, and he is completely amazing to his fans.

I didn’t go to any panels this year, but I definitely did some shopping. All the vendors I encountered were friendly and eager to answer any questions we had. I tried to keep myself on a spending budget…but sometimes you have to spoil yourself!

The costume presence seemed to be lacking compared to previous years, but my photographer Rich, managed to snap some great photos of fans in costume. I was walking around the convention as waitress Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog, and my fiance was Naveen!

As always, a con is as great as the company you keep. Having awesome friends to walk around the convention with made it a lot of fun. Even with missing all the panels, we had a great time walking around, talking with people, and buying geeky things!


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  • Love the photos!! I really like the one Rich caught of Steve by the Ecto, very nice :)

    I agree with you about the layout issues. I had VERY little time on the floor because of us being so swamped at the booth and I feel like I barely saw anything. I have a couple of artist friends that I make a point of seeing every convention that we're both at, that's the only time I really get to see them, and I couldn't even find them. :( I think this con is getting a little too big.

    But it was awesome to see you!! :D

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